The Magic of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

15 and Counting

Everyone’s second favorite show about nothing has premiered December 1st on FXX and Hulu. Season 15 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia began and I am finding myself laughing out loud as much as seasons past. While there are still episodes that miss the mark somewhat, no show can be perfect. When an episode does miss the mark, it’s usually because they are trying out new ideas, which, in my opinion, is forgivable. That is what keeps things fresh in a series that premiered over 15 years ago. Of course, they keep producing Lethal Weapon remakes, but it’s in their personalities to not learn from past mistakes or realize that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY wants to watch their films.

Their characters continue to devolve and stay as hardheaded and stuck in their beliefs as other seasons. It’s a big reason why I love the show so much and why other shows like Seinfeld and South Park are successful to this day. It is much more fun for shows to go against the traditional idea of character development and keep them unlikeable but somehow still loveable at the same time.

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South Park and Sunny are similar in the way that they keep up with the times. They have mentions or entire episodes focused on topics that are in the news. Things like politics or Covid. I couldn’t help but wonder what they were up to during quarantine or how they handled the election (If you haven’t watched episode 1, it was exactly how you think they would). Much like Cartman, whenever the gang does something seemingly nice, there are usually some ulterior motives, and I love it.

Hate to Love Them

The characters in It’s Always Sunny are still unbearable narcissists that I, somehow, can’t get enough of. When I mentioned that there was no character development, that’s not entirely true. It’s more of a devolution. We definitely have gotten deeper understandings of each character throughout each season. During each episode you can see moments of Dee’s attempts at comedy, Dennis’ serial killer mentality, Charlie’s illiteracy, Mac’s sexuality, and Frank’s shady business moves. The fact that they are not forced and seem to fit in seamlessly into each episode keep things consistent and fun to watch.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is my favorite series of all time. It’s a show that continues to deliver a product that fans enjoy. While I don’t want it to ever end, I know that day will come, and sooner rather than later at this point. The show and it’s cast and characters will live with me forever. So I’m going to savor each and every season that we get from here on out.

In the meantime… Let’s pull up our bootstraps, oil up a couple of a***s, and do a little plowing of our own.

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