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5 Tips if You’re Struggling with an Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety has become an everyday occurrence in my life over the last couple of years. While prone to anxiety my whole life, I did not start to feel the full, debilitating effects until after college. Nervousness about social situations was pretty much the extent of it. During Covid my anxiety hit a scary turning point, … Continue reading “5 Tips if You’re Struggling with an Anxiety Disorder”

I (finally) got COVID!

Well damn, it finally happened. I got COVID. Nearly two years of jumping between fear and comfort, I got it. Two vaccinations eased my concerns throughout the past year. Hearing news about the new omicron variant has caused my anxiety to creep back up into the foreground of my daily life. Testing positive less than … Continue reading “I (finally) got COVID!”

Have Some Damn Respect… for Yourself

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Think about how you talk to yourself on a daily basis. I don’t mean having full on conversations out loud while you’re alone. If that’s going on, some extra assistance may be needed. I mean what do you think of yourself day to day? Say you make a mistake while putting together a new … Continue reading “Have Some Damn Respect… for Yourself”


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