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Life isn’t all about ruminating. Have some fun every once in a while, you weirdo. There’s plenty of games, movies, and tv shows to distract you from your thoughts of inadequacy.

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Which Heroes Could Have Saved the Titanic?

Stoner Conversation Starter I heard a conversation on this topic a couple of years ago on the Sirius Xm show The Bonfire. I not only found it hilarious, but it was genuinely interesting as well. Which fake character with super powers could save a historic disaster? I feel high just thinking of the question. Sorry … Continue reading “Which Heroes Could Have Saved the Titanic?”

How I Came to Enjoy Gaming Again

A Thing of the Past For the longest time, I felt a disconnect from things that, at one point in time, gave me the most joy. Watching movies and playing video games were the at the top of my list growing up. It felt like nearly every weekend of my childhood, my family and I … Continue reading “How I Came to Enjoy Gaming Again”

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Hi, I’m AL. I love all things gaming, movies, and TV. I’m not depressed like that other spaceman guy. I just want to have fun. Hope you like my stuff.

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